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Welcome to the Jungle

That rush… Adrenaline. Excitement. Anticipation. Victory.  

Most people love sports. Anywhere from playing, going to the games, following the players and believing in them. It becomes a way of life at some point and the emotion that it brings captivates the individual. For some, they will bleed for a particular team. These people spend a large portion of their time studying the teams, the players, the league etc. and become so knowledgeable and confident on what to expect. Eventually, this type of knowledge transitions into another aspect of sports that has caused a ruckus for many years. Buckle your seatbelts as this next word has scared many lawmakers (unnecessarily) for years: Betting.

People love to bet, it’s actually unreal. And when you win…. Ohh man when you win…. You feel that rush. That accomplishment. We aren’t trying to say what is right or wrong because that is not our place, but there is ONE thing we do know. That the current betting structure that the world follows is flawed and against you.

We started this blog for one purpose: So people better understand the framework within the sports betting world and how you don’t need to think that the current structure is the only way to be a part of it. Bookmakers all over the world created Houses that were meant to screw people in the long run with the way they calculated everything from spreads to odds etc. We will be delving into these topics as time goes on and also indicating what types of games people should look into when thinking about betting.

We will have a good time. We will laugh, we will smile, we will learn and maybe we will cry (only if I am feeling inspirational enough to do so).

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