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Kyler Murray and THE Decision

Last week Kyler Murray announced he wants to enter the NFL Draft, but has not officially declared. A decision that was confusing for many since he was drafted 9th overall by the Oakland Athletics and is seen as a highly anticipated baseball prospect. 

According to Kyler, “I want to play both sports professionally if possible”. It has been done before by a few players, but personally I think that this will be an impossible task. As a QB you have a lot of issues doing this. It’s a little bit different if you are someone like Deion Sanders who played on the defensive side for football while playing in the MLB. You have to be at camp in July, especially as a QB who needs to learn and adapt to the NFL scene. A perfect example is Russell Wilson. He was drafted in both sports and even did spring training for a few years before leaving to go to training camp for football every summer. He chose the starting QB route and had to leave baseball because it simply was not feasible to do both as maintaining a starting role as a QB requires a lot of time with the team and your receivers. 

If Kyler attempts to do both he will lose his spot pretty quickly in one of the sports. Unless his goal is to be a third string QB or back up player in the MLB, he will need to drop one of the sports as it will be impossible to excel at both. 

This could also be a situation where he wants to see if he will pull out a Pat Mahomes or Russell Wilson type rise to stardom which came out of nowhere. Considering he was this year’s Heisman Trophy winner, it might not be a bad idea to try his luck at an NFL run. After all, a low market organization like the Oakland Athletics will probably still keep the rights to him in case his football career does not pan out. 

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