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Do the Saints have Another Shot?

Sunday was an absolute emotional rollercoaster in both the NFC and AFC Championships. Tom Brady did his normal thing and won the game for the Patriots and well the Rams won by a blown call.

In what brought massive outrage and media attention during the most pivotal moment of the game, the Rams defensive player Nickell Robey-Coleman absolutely obliterated WR TommyLee Lewis of the Saints well before the arrival of a pass from Drew Brees in the closing minutes of the quarter. What was outrageous is that this was not only pass interference, but also a helmet to helmet hit and the referees simply ruled it an incomplete pass. This was something that even Stevie Wonder would have seen.

Of course we all know the story from there, however new reports are showing that through an obscure rule in the NFL (Rule 17, Section 2, Article 1), Roger Goodell has the ability to overturn this game and either send the Saints to the Super Bowl or create a rematch. Will this happen? I think not. There has been a history of blown calls in the playoffs in almost every sport and the Saints won’t get special treatment if no one else has in history. Unfortunately, missed calls are a part of the game and all athletes have faced it at some point in their careers. So I’m sorry Saints fans, but your season is over.

The real challenge will be building off of this for next season and I think the Saints will come back with an unbelievable force after this. This is the definition of motivation for a team and it could bring massive success to New Orleans next season. The pain will linger, but will eventually be beaten.

P.S. I think Sean McVay should absolutely rage at his defense if players like Nickell Robey-Coleman think it’s wise to do such a hit during an important part of a game. Not only did he probably receive a butt whooping after the game for the hit, I would hope McVay will be informing the other players that doing that against the Patriots will land them a big fat L.

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