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The NHL Striving to be a Gambling Gold Mine?

So today brought some big news to hockey fans and gambling aficionados alike. The NHL announced that for the 2019-2020 season there will be a new “puck and player” tracking system introduced. So what does this entail exactly?

Well the German Company Jogmo World Corp. came up with an efficient data tracking mechanism that should wipe out all the previous attempts the NHL tried implementing this since 2013. They will track this data by putting microchips on player jerseys and inside game pucks.

Sports fans might wonder well why the hell does this matter exactly? Well to answer that it just gives commentators more obscure facts to give fans as they watch/listen to a particular game. As funny as that reasoning would be, the biggest win on this innovation will be in the gambling arena. With this new real-time data, mathematicians and statisticians will be able to better predict outcomes of games by using those obscure facts. Not only that, but books will be better tuning their odds that they provide to the public as well.

Of course you can argue, and rightfully so, that this new mechanism will help teams on scouting and strategy. It definitely will and that’s the whole idea! Those same math geeks that the gambling industry will be using will most likely be straight from the teams themselves. Overall, we will see much better betting practices in the realm of the NHL in the next few years arise. So far many gamblers have stayed away due to so much unpredictability and this slowly will change.

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