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Super Bowl Betting Frenzy

Just a little under a week left until Super Bowl LIII (53 for those wondering). As usual, we have the Patriots from the AFC taking on a newer NFC powerhouse, the LA Rams. Blah Blah we can go all day on the possibilities of this game’s outcome, but let’s focus on what every American is actually doing on Super Bowl Sunday instead of rooting for one of these teams.

Did you guess it yet? Yeah they are betting. The American Gaming Association came out with a report on how they estimate that $6 billion will be wagered by Americans on the Super Bowl. The AGA also came out saying that they expect 10% of the adult population, which would be around 22.7 million people, to be the bulk making up that $6 billion. Let’s think about that for a second. 22.7 million people betting a combined $6 billion on sports…… and that’s estimated because they are trying to account for all illegal wagering as well. No wonder the Supreme Court shot down PASPA in May, to think that one day in a year can bring in that much movement!

Personally, I think the Super Bowl will be a huge test for the new current legally operating books in the US (the few that there are outside of Nevada). I also am certain that the amount expected to be wagered for the Super Bowl will be much higher now that legal paths are being created for people to do so and more accurate figures can be recorded. Don’t be surprised when the states like New Jersey and Mississippi come out saying they profited enormously tax wise from Super Bowl Sunday.

Due to that, I think states will try to pick up the pace on legalizing sports gambling once the official numbers come out after the Super Bowl. Thus, I see the Super Bowl as something completely bigger than just a championship. I am sure that the heads of every major sports league are impatiently waiting to see what will happen in those regards as it affects them as well considering this will be one of the first major sporting championships since legal books started coming out.

Hopefully, Sunday will prompt states to push legislation a little faster than they are so that something that everyone has been doing for years won’t be worth legal trouble anymore.

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