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The Knicks Continue to Tank

Everyone probably heard about the big trade already. Even Michael Rapaport had enough time to make a video on his displeasure with the decision coming from the Knicks to trade Porzingis. 

I honestly can’t believe that an organization like the Knicks, that has such a large fan base, can consistently just make such poor choices throughout the years.  Not only did they trade away the only player on the team that you could build a future with, they got non-factor players in return for him that probably won’t stay with the team. 

Yeah I get it, they are arguing that they were clearing cap space by getting rid of him in an attempt to sign big players in the offseason. Let me just tell you why that’s a joke: WHO THE HELL WANTS TO PLAY FOR THE KNICKS. For God’s sakes, Porzingis talked to the Knicks front office about his displeasure with the future of the team and simply wanted to know their plans during this atrocious rebuild. CLEARLY, they had no plans if they traded him that very same day! He never even requested the trade and if that does not scare Knicks fans then I don’t know what does. 

They might be hoping that if they draft RJ Barrett or Zion Williamson that those highly anticipated players will also attract a big name or two during free agency, which maybe so but keeping Porzingis would have been a much better selling point along with one of those rookies. I’m sure they will make a run for Kyrie Irving or Kevin Durant, but why would they come? Godspeed to whatever the Knicks are planning. They are going to sit and watch as Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis come to Madison Square Garden next season and stomp on them. To me, the Knicks have definitely shown signs of becoming the 21st century Cleveland Browns of the NBA, if they aren’t them already. 

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