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Antonio Brown Leaving Spells Tragedy for the Steelers

So it finally happened. Antonio Brown got his wish and is leaving Pittsburgh, closing on what seemed like an endless dispute that has headlined the 2019 NFL off season. 

Now here is where things get sad. They traded AB to the Raiders. Not only have the Raiders been taken advantage of in trades throughout the year (cough Khalil Mack), they also have just turned into the laughing stock of the NFL under Jay Gruden. They actually destroyed all of those notions with this trade.

The Raiders gave up a third and fifth round pick in this year’s draft for arguably the best wide receiver in the league the last few years. NOT ONLY that, but they don’t owe him any money from his previous contract with Pittsburgh as that was guaranteed even under a trade. Thus, Pittsburgh will pay AB what is left on his contract and he will be able to sign a massive new deal with the Raiders. 

Now where do I begin. The Raiders received the trade of the decade. I can’t believe that is all Pittsburgh received in exchange for him, especially as they traded him away leaving behind dead money approximating around $21.1 million dollars that will be paid to him out of the 2019 cap space. Now this might just be bad business or maybe a smart Antonio Brown realizing he can profit well from the trouble he has caused. Regardless, this spells trouble for Pittsburgh.

Considering the Steelers have been contenders for easily the last 15 years, I can’t sit on the fact that they would be that dumb to do this. Thus, I came to the conclusion that whatever the situation was between both AB and the organization, it must have been more toxic than what anyone thought and they simply wanted it to be gone and eat up that $21 million instead of dealing with him any further. Now combine this issue with what they had going on with Le’Veon Bell and I only see a a road of disaster for the organization. Whatever is going on between the front office and the players on the team needs to be identified and fixed, otherwise this might not be the only season in the near future that the Steelers have not made the playoffs. 

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