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2nd Round Day 1 Shenanigans

Pretty exciting 1st round as always for the tournament. Here are my betting picks for the 1st day of the second round!! 

Florida +7– They played a wild game against a Nevada team that was just disrespected getting a 7 seed. They have a tough road ahead but they showed they can get things done on the offensive end. I think this will come down to the last few minutes of the game and taking the +7 margin shwos that even Vegas sees them danegrous ahead of a strong Michigan team. 

Baylor +14– As they face Gonzaga, I doubt they will pull the upset off, but for a team that carries almost 38 rebounds a game, they will cause some issues in the paint for the Zags who typically outrebound teams. That on top of, the fact there hasn’t been many blowouts this tournament besides on the 16 seeds, I see Baylor covering that 14 point spread. 

Minnesota +10– After seeing Tom Izzo yell at one of his starters and the Spartans almost choke against Bradley, I think momentum is in Minnesota’s favor who impressively dismantled Louisville. I don’t think that they will win, the end score won’t be the Golden Gophers losing by 10. 

Auburn ML

Wofford +5

Alright, so there are two games I am crazy excited about today. The first being the Auburn vs Kansas game. I am really sold with Auburn and how they have moved along during the season in the SEC. They have won their last 9 games and are feeling that hot streak. Kansas is over ranked and disjolted in terms of cohesion. I think this game will come down to offense and Auburn has the slight edge averaging 80 points a game. 

The next game I am excited for is the Wofford vs Kentucky match up. I am taking the +5 spread on Wofford in this game becasue they are a dangerous team. After watching the first round game against Seton Hall, I realized the hype was definetly real with this presicion focused team. They play mixtures of zone and man to man defense to make up for their less athletic players and it throws teams way out of rhythym. That on top of their high FG%, they pose a legitimate threat today. Kentucky is a team that thrives on rhythm so if Wofford effectively takes them out of their comfort zone, this will be a evry close match. I have Wofford with the upset but the best bet is to take the spread becasue this will be a close one.


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