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AAF = Cancelled?

SO this random football league that started up and included big names like Steve Spurrier was suspended this past week. Supposedly, they were pretty far into the season as well which was interesting because I didn’t even know it was that serious. 

However, the story behind their suspension is actually hilarious. Supposedly, nobody knows what Thomas Dundon (chairman of AAF) is doing. The main story is that nothing has materially changed since the Carolina Hurricanes owner invested in the company in February. Dundon invested $70 million of his pledged $250 million up front and faces a potential loss of $70 million if the league officially closes. Currently all play and work is suspended because Dundon stopped giving money, which the AAF basically lives on. Cough lesson to be learned kids cough. 

Here is where things get better. SO a technology company in which MGM has invested in is actually a part of the AAF. The league has been developing a gambling application that would help drive league interest in an increasingly gambling-friendly sports environment. The idea here was that sensors would be placed on players and deliver real-time movements to cell phones on what is going on. There is a rumor going around that Dundon actually bought into this company and is now looking for a way out of the AAF to avoid conflict of interest legalities. 

Is this true? who knows. But, it wouldn’t surprise me and I guess we will find out in the near future as more news comes out. Overall, I did some research and the AAF isn’t a bad idea. Their ratings are pretty solid for an inaugural season and Americans love their football according to positive surveys filled out on the league. I really think this league could go off if it was pushed in the right direction and brought in explosive college players that weren’t quite right for the NFL. Another possibility that I think is viable would be considering a merger with the already established CFL allowing for a North American type league.

That seems worthwhile to me, but in the end I don’t have $250 million dollars to spare. 



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