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End of an Era, Dirk and Wade

I’m sure everyone has heard the news by now. Two of some of the greatest of all time, Dirk Nowitzki and Dwayne Wade, have officially ended their careers in the NBA. 

I am honestly emotional. I watched Dirk’s final game and then saw clips of Wade’s. When I saw Dirk begin to cry I honestly got the jitters myself. I grew up with him. The day I started dribbling the ball when I was younger, he was in the beginning stages of his career and I instantly chose him as a role model for me. I basically copied his game growing up as well. Wade came soon after in the early 2000s and I instantly fell in love with his game too. They were literally a part of my childhood and seeing them end their careers just has me SHOOKETH. 

Now both these players represented something incredible. They were consistently of the best around, humble, competitive, loyal, generous and charitable. The things these two athletes showed on and off the court is exactly what you want young children to look up to. Dirk and Wade even took paycuts throughout their careers so that their organizations can bring in good players. I mean you just don’t see that anymore in professional sports. 

Not only that, but they changed the game. Dwayne proved you can be a smaller and versatile shooting guard that drives the basketball in the paint like a 6’9″ small or power forward. While Dirk is easily the best 7 foot shooter of all time. His iconic fadeaway and high shot was absolutely unstoppable. Like literally, they did a segment in sports science on it and it’s physically impossible to block him while you are in front. I am without a doubt certain Dirk is the reason so many big men can shoot the basketball in this present day. He started a revolution. Let’s not forget Dirk single handedly beating LeBron, Bosh and Wade in the finals a few years back…. LOL I LOVED IT. 

It’s just unreal. I will forever keep both of their jerseys up in my house. I guess this is what it feels like when people tell me they witnessed the careers of Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen etc. I will be able to say I watched and cherished Dirk and Wade’s full career (for Dirk I missed the first 2-4 years as I was a small boy, but watching the other 17 counts lol). 

In the end, both these players meant a lot to me and to see them go just sucks becasue it’s hard to replace and find other people that brought so much good to the spotlight. To Dwayne and Dirk, thank you for letting me witness you guys be true role models during times when not everyone in professional sports are. Have a wonderful retirement. You both fucking deserve it. 


A huge fan.

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