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March Madness Revelation

So the NCAA tourney was as hectic as it always was this year. Upsets, last minute shots, controversial calls… just the usual things that always gets everyone off the edge of their seats. There was one thing though that really caught my attention this year. How hard work beats talent. 

Most of the upsets that ocurred this year came in just beautifully executed fashion. Two teams I want to focus in on: Texas Tech and Auburn. Of course, the two teams people did not really have going far (cough I had Texas Tech in my Final Four cough). This is what I saw from them this tournament and yes, I actually watched all their games. Both teams fought feroicuosly, both teams outworked their opponents, both teams came in with pre-determined tactics that completely stunned their opponents. Simply put, they came prepared, never gave up and came out on top. 

Let’s face it, both teams don’t have NBA caliber players. Both Auburn and Texas Tech might have one player on each squad, but even they just caught attention from just the tournament pretty much. Regardless, both teams should be given credit where credit is due. They outworked some of the “best” teams in the country. When Auburn beat Kentucky I laughed. I laughed because Kentucky came in with their heads high and lolligagging all game until they realized in the last 2 minutes of the second half they were losing by 10. But by then it was too late. I laughed when Texas Tech DESTROYED Michigan as they also came in thinking this was no big deal and looking forward to the next game against Gonzaga. Well the Red Raiders had other thoughts as they barely broke a sweat. Both the Wildcats and the Wolverines have multiple NBA rising players and yet their talent wasn’t enough. 

Texas Tech stunned me. This was a team. They all needed eachother and the way they played showed. They didn’t have a Zion Williamson (Duke got outworked EVERY game btw) on their team to take over every game and because of that their starting lineup and bench all contributed heavily to their success. Let’s not forget their defense!! Holy crap I have never seen such consistent and effective D played on anyone before. It was game in and game out of them going 100% and closing every gap. Just unreal. 

This is why I loved this year’s tournament. I hope every kid watched what can get you far. As the Texas Tech Red Raiders almost pulled off the massive conquest of pure glory only to fall short of a Virginia team that really shouldn’t have been there at all underserving of the win they had against a beautiful Auburn team. 


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