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Draft Day Shenanigans

So Draft Day came and I have a few thoughts. The first being that some teams are just WTF. I wish that each team would give reasons for why they chose every player.

So here’s the thing. Kyler Murray was a phenomenal college player. There is no question about it. Murray accounted for 5,362 yards from scrimmage. He completed 69% of his passes for 4,361 yards and 42 touchdowns against seven interceptions. He also ran for 1,001 yards and 12 touchdowns. Throwing up numbers that only RG3 once mirrored. Despite of all this, however, I just don’t understand why the Cardinals took him 1st overall. The Draft is made for teams to fill voids within their roster and last time I checked they chose Josh Rosen last year in the first round of the Draft. The Cardinals LITERALLY could use every other position other than QB. 

What really baffles me now is what in heavens hell are they going to do with Rosen? The kid was hammered this year due to an abismal offensive line along with only having Larry Fitzgerald (a million years old now) to throw the ball too. Nobody knows his true potential after one year and thus, even if the Cards trade him what will they even get in return? A future 5th round pick? That’s laughable. Rosen mot likely has lost absolutely all his confidence which is detrimental for a QB. If the Cards keep him, I wonder what would happen if Rosen shows glimpses of the poise and accuracy he had at UCLA. 

In the end it seems like it came down to new coach Kliff Kingsbury on this decision. The guy supposedly has been in love with Murray for a long time now and sounds like he wants to implement more of a fast pace college offense this year, which is what led him to Murray. As a new coach, this was a ballsy move as now his legacy will always be based on this pick. Maybe that’s what the Cardinals need? A gamble. Like when the Chiefs went for Pat Mahomes or when the Seahawks took Russell Wilson. I guess only time will tell, however they need to fill their other holes and especially  ther offenseive line this offseason as Murray will end up running the ball the majority of the time to avoid a sack. 

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