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How Discipline Got Me a 138% ROI in Gambling

As a consistent bettor, I’ve had a lot of people ask me before about how I stay so calm while putting up money on a daily basis. Sometimes I lie and say I do yoga while eating vegan foods, but if you know me at all that’s a filthy lie. From my experience, it comes down to how you perceive money. Now what do I mean by that?

First and foremost, I love money. I think about it all the time and if I ever had a wish, it would definitely be to somehow get as much money as possible. HOWEVER, every wealthy self-made individual has at some point in their lives said a variation of what I am about to say. You can’t become emotionally attached to the money you have and/or want. 

Now your first thought is how can that even be possible? I work hard to earn the money I have and if I am putting it up in a risky situation to make more, I have to be emotionally tied. Well, I disagree with that. When I first started betting, I was obsessed. I had my excel sheets, my stats, everything out and ready to go each day to fill out. I saw the posibilities in what I could make and would even start filling out my win column before a game would end. I would sit there and watch every second of the game panicking on what was going on, even if it was the first few plays of the game. Eventually this was my downfall as I would begin doing in game betting on “to early to call” feelings. This of course brought a lot of losses.

The fear of losing my precious money just pained me at my core. It wasn’t until I really fucked up one day that I realized what the problem was. I lost everything. I will never forget this.  A team I bet on to win (-6.5) was losing by 24 points at halftime one not so glorious day. I did my research, my stat analysis, my everything and couldn’t believe I was about to lose. My emotions came out as I looked to hedge my “mistake” and I tripled down on the team that was up by 24 points (as there surely was no possible comeback) by buying in on the moneyline. Having that bet in would have mitigated most of my losses as the odds at this point were high enough where I wouldn’t get as much in return. I then threw in an extra side bet on a player to score a total of 31.5 points by the end of the game. He was already at 21 by halftime and the odds were well in my favor, so I nabbed it. After all, how could he not get 11 more points after his hot streak in the first half?  I was happy with what I did, as now I was sure to come out with a profit. At this point, I threw in 90% of my bankroll.

I’m sure you can figure out what happened next. 

The team I originally bet on to win and that was losing by 24 at the half had a comeback. There’s 10 minutes left in the 4th quarter and do you all remember that player I bet on to score 31.5 points? Well he had a bad looking fall with his ankle and left the court. He did not return for the rest of the game and finished with 31 points 🙁 There was my first loss. 

Then it’s 2 minutes left in the 4th quarter and it’s a tie game. I’m punching the wall and having a mental breakdown at this point. 1 minute left and the team I originally bet on is up by 3 points. Three fucking points, meaning they had a 27+ comeback. A few fouls and free throws later they are up by 8 points. In my head I was like alright, at least I will make some money off of my original bet. Yeah, I was wrong haha. 10 seconds left, the PG brings the ball up the court and pulls up about 10 feet behind the three point arc and drains it. Now the team is up by 5 only and I am ready to sacrfice the cat to the devil. Luckily, another foul pursues with free throws about to come. The guy at the line has an 87% free throw stat. Drains the first one with no problem and I am taking back what I said about the cat and apologizing. They are up by 6 points. ALL I needed was 1 more free throw and I win some money back. Guess what? He missed. Clock runs down and the game is over. I lost. 

I lost three separate bets totaling more than 90% of my bankroll, all within an absolutely closer than I would like range. 

Now there were a lot of silly mistakes made here, but they all stem from one thing: emotion. My emotions got the best of me and caused me to not only panic, but inhibit my decision making process and force me into non-researched or thought out bets. This mixture led to enormous losses and showed my amateur status as a bettor. I had to make a change. 

Want to know what I do now? When I make my educated choices for bets, I place them and either I don’t even watch the games or I hide my phone as I watch. I do this to not tempt myself into that emtional scenario again. Every bettor that ever ends up losing big either does it on a whim feeling or because they were hit with emotions that changed their line of thought.

Ladies and gents, you will lose in betting. That is a fact. There is no one in the world that wins every game and evebn the best cappers in the world sit around that 65-70% win range. When you take a risk in life you must be prepared to the reality of what can happen if things don’t go your way. What needs to occur is that you simply have to let it happen. If you made the educated pick that day and it’s not going your way, you MUST let it go and look to bounce back tomorrow. Stick to a routine where you do not cross a certain threshold. 

For example, I bet everyday. I have a routine where I look up the matches around me and search for value. If I find something that intrigues me I do a few calculations to see how confident I am and then I put a percentage of my bankroll into it. PLEASE READ THAT AGAIN. I don’t put all my bankroll into it, just a percentage. I have self made rules where I won’t ever bet more than 30% of my bankroll in one evening, along with other stipulations like if I lose every game I bet on in one day, I will take the next day off. The key word here is DISCIPLINE. Force yourself to become accustomed to such thinking. Every best capper in the world has discipline. They don’t try to double down the next game on a forced bet to make up for other losses, they stick to their routine and don’t change their way even in dry streaks. Everytime you go astray from what works, I have found that a setback typically occurs.

Since the start of FY19 (meaning since January) I have had a 138.01% ROI and it is only April. Discipline is what has got me here and is what will keep propelling me higher. Find your own routine that works and you will do the same. 

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