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Drake the Masseuse

So small thing that has started to bother me and has grabbed the attention of the media. Drake.

Yes, I mean Drake the rapper. Not Drake the professional basketball player. Not Drake the professional basketball coach. Not Drake the professional who has anything to do with the Toronto Raptors.

I’m not trying to bash him in any way with this, but please get off of the court.

His recent behaviour is as if he belongs to the organization. He walks around during the game, goes on the floor, talks to the refs, gets in the huddles and even massages the coaches back. What fan is allowed to do that? It’s without a doubt a fact that he is getting special treatment. It’s a double standard because if anyone else would do that during a game that has courtside seats, they would be escorted straight out of the stadium doors.

It’s fun to see Drake rooting so hard for his favorite team and I am sure he helps get the crowd excited. But please have some respect and act like you are a normal fan that abides by the same rules as everyone else. If you are so into the art of massaging, I heard that Robert Kraft is hiring out in Boston. 

AGAIN, it’s definetly more that I am jealous that he’s getting preferential treatment for something that otherwise would get me banned from an arena, but hey I guess that’s how things work 🙂

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