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Shake Up in the NCAA

As many heard across the US, California passed a state law Monday that prohibits colleges in that state from punishing college athletes if they accept money in exchange for the use of their name, image or likeness. 

In response to this, many other states have expressed interest in proposing similar laws. Some states have even expressed interest in having schools pay athletes directly or set up funds for them to pay for health care after their careers in college athletics are over.

To make matters more complicated, U.S. Rep. Anthony Gonzalez wants to propose a federal law similar to what was passed in California. Making every state abide by the same rules. 

Now there are many ways to look at this. Personally, I think the deals spell trouble for the players of the NCAA. I perfectly understand that there are teams that make a lot of money on players. However, these are only on the powerhouse schools. Picture your University of Wyoming that has a solid football program but not even close to the amount of spotlight and talent as the University of Alabama has. Schools will be forced into bribery and corruption to get players to come there (cough like now cough). Let’s not forget that they are also going there for a free education or some money off of their tuition. These players getting money from endorsements won’t even touch their schoolbooks let alone follow University policies. They will party, have fun and mess up.

Not everyone on NCAA designated teams make some sort of pro status. I personally believe this new initiatve will mess up the education and personal value of athletes as you will have people like Jalen Hurts making sky rocket money while acting like a God and then the offensive line will get minimal if anything for recognition. 

I also believe that this will be the first push to make the NCAA a type of minor league for athletes. Why go to school when you can make money?

Let’s not forget the effect this has on female sports as well, expect an even wider gender gap. 

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