What. A. Year. 

Amid everything going on, sports have been in a tumultuous spiral. To play or not to play? Where’s the line between safety, love of the game, and entertainment for the fans? 

SportSpek wanted to share some updates on the world sports fans love and breathe. In the past few months, we’ve watched the NBA season temporarily suspended, NCAA’s largest revenue-generating event, March Madness, fold, and life as we knew it collapsed.



In the past few days, college football has been fumbled by COVID. The Big 10 voted 12-2 to cancel the fall football season, with MSU and Michigan State among their ranks. Pac-12 also announced Tuesday their decision to postpone the season. Outside of the Power Five conferences, The Mid-American Conference and the Mountain West Conference also canceled their fall sports season.

Michigan State players were pulled off the practice field Tuesday, August 11. Some had more positive responses.

“I mean at least all the stress is away,” one Big Ten football player told the Free Press via text. “Get bigger, faster, stronger — that’s all there is to it.”

But Ohio State QB Justin Fields is leading the charge to reinstate the 2020 football season. The preseason Heisman Trophy candidate created a petition requesting football to kick off this fall. So far, he’s collected over 237,000 signatures for the cause. 

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The argument? If the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 can play this fall, why can’t the Big Ten?

Other players, such as Trevor Lawrence, are uniting to compete in the fall season. The two emerge as leading favorites to be the No. 1 overall pick in the next NFL Draft. They’re also leading the charge of the #WeWantToPlay movement.

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America’s Favorite Pastime 

In recent weeks, sports have shuffled their way to the start line of a new normal. The MLB couldn’t hit a home run and struggled in navigating the season. After weeks of indecision, the league finally came to a decision and moved forward with testing protocols, and safety to the union in a 67-page document with plenty of fine details. 

The long-term impacts? On May 11, the 2021 World Baseball Classic was canceled. The tournament, set to expand to a record 20 teams and be held in Japan, Taiwan, and the United States, reportedly may not return until 2023.

Many former peanut and crackerjack fans are watching the ball game from the comfort of their couch, without the smell of hot dogs and loaded fries wafting through the air, or the sun beating down on them in the summer’s peak heat.



We spoke to a few college athletes. Seniors on DePaul University’s women’s basketball team, who were well on their way to the March Madness tournament. Earlier in March, the Blue Demons took home a gleaming trophy a three-peat victory and won the Big East Tournament yet again. A few days later, a new reality hit–they wouldn’t have the chance to compete. Not after the NBA suspended its season. 


SportSpek Wants YOU.

Were you a college athlete in the middle of your season before life as we knew it stopped? An Olympian prepping for the 2020 Games? A six-year-old on the brink of dominating a single category of sport? Please drop us a DM or email us. We want to hear your stories and share them. 

SportSpek Wants YOU.



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