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Deliberate Defiance or Desultory Disobedience? Nobody nose.

Is the NFL being nosy, or does it have a right to dish out over $1 million in fines to coaches for violating face mask rules? 

Several head coaches were fined $100K for failing to wear masks. Among the culprits were

Pete Carroll of Seattle, Kyle Shanahan of San Francisco and Vic Fangio of Denver, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.


Their respective teams were fined an additional $250K. After the NFL’s mask mandate and reminder for team personnel on the sidelines to wear face coverings during COVID, the league isn’t running any risky plays. The season is already in a precarious spot because of the pandemic. 

Next up as a tackle target? Bill Belichick exhibited questionable face mask fashion.

“If you want to beat the Seahawk, you must think like the Seahawk.”

Is the NFL being too harsh? Are they not doing enough? Should we feel guilty for enjoying Sunday night football from the comfort of our couches? Let us know.

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