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Chicago Bears Future/Moves: The Future is Set

chicago bears future

The Chicago Bears future has been set with some big decisions in the last few . First, defensive coordinator Chuck Pagano has retired from the NFL. Then, chairman George McCaskey decided to keep head coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace. Were these the right decisions?

Step-by-step, check out every situation of the Bears’ organization below. 

Matt Nagy

Matt Nagy was hired by the Bears from the Kansas City Chiefs before the beginning of the 2018 season. Nagy’s job was to run and develop the offense and also train Mitch Trubisky into being their franchise quarterback. Nagy had six seasons of professional quarterback experience himself.

In his first season, he exceeded expectations from the Bears organization. The team went 12-4 in the regular season, and Nagy came away with the Coach of the Year award. Everything took a turn for the worst after that. The team has gone 8-8 in the past two seasons and added another first-round playoff exit this season

In 2018, the Bears averaged 25.6 points per game (10th in the NFL) and 344.6 yards per game (21st in the NFL). In 2019, the Bears recorded 17.5 points per game (29th) and 296.8 yards per game (29th). This past season, the Bears put up 22.4 points per game (23rd) and 325.9 yards per game (28th). Notice the pattern?

The bottom line is this. Matt Nagy is here to stay and Bears fans will have to embrace that. Also, it’s not all Nagy’s fault to blame. He was given a tough roster to deal with from the guy below. 

Ryan Pace

Ryan Pace, like Matt Nagy, has been retained by George McCaskey and the Bears’ organization for another year. Check out the recap on his six years with the Chicago Bears so far. 

Pace has drafted and built a defense quite well. He drafted Eddie Goldman, Leonard Floyd, Roquan Smith, Bilal Nichols, and Jaylon Johnson. He won executive of the year after bringing on Khalil Mack and Allen Robinson to the team before the 2018 season. 

However, Pace made some ridiculous moves as a general manager. His first draft pick with the Bears was Kevin White, who only had a handful of receptions with the Bears before being cut.

Then, there was the infamous 2017 draft. Pace traded up to the second pick to acquire Mitch Trubisky, passing on Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Not only that but in the NFL’s best running back draft class, he took Tarik Cohen. 

In this past off-season, Pace signed Robert Quinn to a five-year $70 million deal. Quinn had just two sacks the entire year and was ineffective in the pass rush. 

Moreover, Ryan Pace is failing to find cap space for the Bears’ best offensive player, Allen Robinson. Robinson has had two straight 1,000 yard seasons with the Bears. 

Ryan Pace has drastically set back the Bears as an organization for playoff success. The 2017 draft could go down as one of the worst NFL drafts for the organization’s history. The biggest reason that Pace should have been fired is that he set up his supporting cast for failure from the draft and signings.

Mitch Trubisky

The quarterback position is the most worrisome the Bears need to deal with single-handedly going into next year. Management had their idea of bringing in Nick Foles, and that didn’t work. Mitch was benched earlier in the year and has fewer wins against teams with winning records than Sam Darnold this season. Since Nagy and Pace are returning, it does not seem like he will be back for next season.

The quarterback has not performed well in his last two games, and reports have suggested his loss to the New Orleans Saints may have been his last game in a Bears uniform. 

After a pro bowl season in 2018, Trubisky never found the same form and was even benched for Nick Foles this season. That being said, his performance has not been good enough to keep him around. He had only one win this season against teams with a winning record.

But, go easy on him, Chicago. The young Trubisky never asked to be drafted over two of the best quarterbacks in football in the 2017 draft. His coach isn’t all that great with developing him either, provided by the evidence above.


The future is set. Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace have bought themselves another year with the organization. So, what now?

The Bears need to find a defensive coordinator. Seemingly, it will be difficult to find a qualified outside hire because that person will know that the entire organization could be blown up at any point. Rumors have pointed to defensive line coach, Jay Rodgers, to be receiving a promotion. 

Pace/Nagy need to figure out the quarterback situation. Mitch and Nick Foles are not their guys. The smart thing to do would be to go after Deshaun Watson on the Texans, knowing that he wants to leave there. They could also go into the draft with the 20th pick and take a guy like Troy Lance, Kyle Trask, or Mac Jones. 

Overall, the situation is not great from a Bears’ fan perspective. The last thing the Bears’ fan base wanted to happen was for both Nagy and Pace to be retained. Pagano read the writing on the wall about his job status. But, the other two are too invested and young for that type of move.

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